As the construction industry has rebounded in the past several years your sub contractor trades are in short supply and stretched thin on almost every project. If you are you getting frustated with scheduling issues on your job Dig 4 U has the solution.



DIg 4 U has over 20 years experience in the construction industry and quickly noticed an opportunity to fill a void. We work directly with all trades including electrical, plumbing, landscaping, grading and any other trade that has dirt to move and is short on time, equipment and experienced operators. 



Dig 4 U can quickly mobilize and keep any project on schedule. If you need anything from a single sleeve installed, drain lines extended, light grading or general services we can help. We are more than happy to work directly with you the general contractor or any subcontractor.  Tell them to give us a call today because Dig 4 U is not a competitor to any of your trades we are simply the solution that most business having been searching for years to find. We fill the gaps only when the need arises so no more rentals, payroll and headaches one call and we can do it all.

 Dig 4 U proudly operates the Cat 304E2CR Mini Excavator and Cat 259D Loader. The 304E2CR is one of the largest in the mini excavator line with an operating weight of 8,996 lbs, 40 hp engine, 8498 lb of digging force 12", 18" or 24" heavy duty buckets and only 4.1 psi of ground pressure makes this  the ideal piece of equipment for your next job. The 259D Loader is the ideal size with an operating weight of 8,945 lbs, 73 hp engine, 72" bucket width, and only 4.8 psi of ground pressure. We have attachments  for snow removal, light material buckets, grading buckets, power rakes, brush grapples, bush hogging, hole augers, trenching and more.  If you have any questions about the equipment and what Dig 4 U can offer please give us a call at 336.693.2714