Are you a home owner that loves a "DIY" project?

 Dig 4 U has the solution to help you tackle those bigger outdoor projects. When you hire Dig 4 U to assist on your outdoor project you get an experienced operator that will bring the right equipment and attachments to help you complete the job. The operator will run the equipment and work together with you sharing his knowledge of how to best complete the project. You are still the boss and what you say goes. You are responsible for supplying all of the materials & labor needed for the project.  You get the operator and equipment for only $450 per 7 1/2 hour day. That is cheaper than renting the equipment, figuring out how to get the equipment home, insurance, fuel and don't forget the learning curve of how to run the equipment. Wait don't worry we will make sure you get some time to operate the equipment during the day if you want to play on a full size Tonka toy.


"DIY" Services $450 per day



If you need something dug we are here to help from tree holes to ditches we have the solution. Our excavator has a 12" , 18" and 24" bucket.  


When the time comes to plant trees or build a fence our auger services with a 9",18"and 36" bit that can be mounted to either the skid steer or excavator is the way to go.


Tired of wishing you had a level yard. When you need dirt hauled in or a slope cut down Dig 4 U is here to help with our mini excavator or skid steer loader. Ready to tear up the yard and start over then our skid steer and power rake are what you need.

Additional Services

These are just a few of the services we can provide for your DIY project. Click on the services tab to see a list of additional services that are available for your project. If there is something you have been dreaming of for years but do not know where to get started give us a call to see if we can help.

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  Dig 4 U proudly operates the Cat 304E2CR Mini Excavator and Cat 259D Loader. 

The 304E2CR is one of the largest in the mini excavator line with an operating weight of 8,996 lbs, 40 hp engine, 8498 lb of digging force and only 4.1 psi of ground pressure makes this  the ideal piece of equipment for your next job. 

The 259D Loader is the ideal size with an operating weight of 8,945 lbs, 73 hp engine, 72" bucket width, and only 4.8 psi of ground pressure.  If you have any questions about the equipment and what Dig 4 U can offer please give us a call at 336.693.2714

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