Land Clearing

Grading & Clearing in Burlington, NC by Dig 4 U

Dig 4 U specializes is small land clearing projects up to 2 acres. If you just purchased a lot and are ready to build we offer several options depending on location and your needs. Dig 4 U can also help you take back your overgrown property or make space for your new storage shed and parking area. 

Driveway Installation

Driveway Installation and Repair in Alamance County by Dig 4 U

Dig 4 U has the equipment and experience to properly install any new driveway no matter the size. The key to building a driveway that will last is handling the surface water. A driveway is so much more than just gravel. Without properly installed culverts and drainage swells your driveway will be washed away.


Dig 4 U

Dig 4 U can help with your grading projects up to 2 acres in size. If it is an area that needs to be leveled for an above ground pool, your new home, storage building, parking area, preparation for landscaping or any other grading needs that may arise Dig 4 U is just a phone call away. 

Footings & Piers

Residential Footing for new construction and additions by Dig 4 U in Burlington, NC

Dig 4 U has the equipment to dig and install the footings & piers for your new house or addition. In addition to digging the footings Dig 4 U  will also install any required re-bar and pour the concrete for the footing. Don't trust just anybody with your project choose Dig 4 U a company  that has the experience required to set your building on a firm foundation.


Foundation waterproofing services provided by Dig 4 U in Burlington, NC

Dig 4 U can perform the waterproofing on your home construction project. You should always know the elevation of the outside grade prior to starting the waterproofing. Dig 4 U has the experience and knowledge to properly waterproof your foundation insuring your biggest investment is protected. 

Back Filling

Construction backfilling and grading services in Greensboro, NC by Dig 4 U

Dig 4 U is your next call after waterproofing your home. We have the right equipment to back fill your foundation. We can install the foundation drains, install the stone and back fill with soil. One very important step in back filling your foundation is getting the grade to fall away from the house. Then you should always apply a layer of wheat straw to prevent staining of the brick foundation.

Retaining Walls

Dig 4 U building retaining walls in Greensboro, NC

Dig 4 U has experience in natural stone,  treated timbers and masonry retaining walls. Our company has installed large retaining walls on commercial projects but still has the attention to detail to install a small dry stack retaining wall on your residential project. Dig 4 U is ready to help you with any type and size retaining wall project.


Dig 4 U creating a new landscaping buffer in Raleigh, NC

 Dig 4 U has over 20 years experience in the landscaping industry. Our experienced crew at Dig 4 U can provide you with the landscape of your dreams. Our experience is with both residential and commercial projects from a small tear out and replant of just a few shrubs to an entire shopping center.


Irrigation system installation by Dig 4 U in Burlington, NC.

Dig 4 U is the company to choose for your irrigation project. Commercial or residential projects that require irrigation should be performed by a contractor with years of experience. Dig 4 U has 20 years experience and will design & install an irrigation system to keep the grass green on your side of the fence.


Dig 4 U installing sod on a new construction project in Mebane, NC

Dig 4 U has the perfect solution for anyone looking for an instant lawn. Sod can be installed on any sized project from a small front yard to an entire athletic field. We offer both a tri-blend tall fescue and a turf type bermuda sod. Prior to installation the soil will be leveled and graded allowing you years of enjoyment.


Grading and Seeding services in Graham, NC by Dig 4 U

Dig 4 U offers seeding for your lawn as a cost effective alternative to installing sod. Seeding requires some special soil preparation which is accomplished when we use the power rake attachment for the skid steer. The power rake levels and loosens the top 3 to 4 inches of soil preparing the perfect seed bed.

Stump Removal

Tree stump removal by Dig 4 U in Elon, NC

Dig 4 U has the perfect equipment for this project. Our mini excavator with rubber tracks can travel across concrete, grass and rocks. Digging up a stump is a great alternative to grinding the stump as this creates much less debris to clean up later. After we dig the stump we will back fill the hole and haul away the stump if needed.


Drainage repairs installed by Dig 4 U in Burlington, NC

 Dig 4 U has the experience required to fix any drainage problems you are having on your property. From standing water to storm water runoff we can develop a solution to correct your water issues. We can partner with you to handle the grading and digging on your "DIY" project or complete the entire project for you. 


Demolition projects completed by Dig 4 U in High Point, NC

 Dig 4 U has the perfect equipment for your small demolition projects from removing old concrete, two story buildings or structures to old junk cars and trash. Dig 4 U can tear it down, load it up and haul it off for you. For our "DIY" customers we supply the equipment and you haul it off. 

Storm Clean Up

Storm Clean Up provided by Dig 4 U in North Carolina

 Dig 4 U is just a phone call away after the big storm. We can safely & quickly get your property cleaned up of any fallen trees and debris. Dig 4 U offers several options to work with any landowner on clean up projects from just supplying the equipment to handling the entire project. 

Bush Hogging

Dig 4 U Bushogging in Burlington, NC

Dig 4 U utilizes the skid steer loader for all bush hogging projects. This offers the customer a better finished product as we are able to reclaim field edges, cut brush up to 12' in height and reach into drainage ditches with the bush hog of the front of the machine.

Post Hole Auger

Dig 4 U using a post hole auger in Burlington, NC

Dig 4 U offers three different auger sizes 9" , 18" and 36" for all of your  hole needs. The auger is also available for both the skid steer and mini excavator making it a great option for any terrain. In addition to standard uses we can also dig bore holes for septic testing .

Driveway & Culvert Repair

Driveway Culvert installation in Mebane, NC

Dig 4 U has the solution to that ugly mud stained and bumpy driveway. If you need a new culvert pipe installed or just want to bring your driveway back to life with some renovation we can help. Dig 4 U will level, grade and add gravel to your driveway.

Loading & Hauling

Hauling services in Burlington, NC by Dig 4 U

 Dig 4 U has the perfect equipment for your loading and hauling projects. Do you have dirt left over from your pool installation or just a load of trash or debris that needs to be removed one call we will  get it all. Dig 4 U can provide or load dump trucks, roll off dumpsters, and trailers.  

Snow Removal

Snow Removal for businesses in Burlington, NC by Dig 4 U

Dig 4 U can provide you with a complete solution for snow removal. We offer snow removal for businesses, parking lots, drive-thru, sidewalks and driveways. Dig 4 U can treat your surfaces with ice melt in addition to snow removal. 

Large Animal Burial

Large Animal Burial in Burlington, NC provided by Dig 4 U 336.693.2714

 Dig 4 U is here to help when it is time to say goodbye to one of your beloved farm animals.  Dig 4 U is available weekdays from 7 am - 5 pm. We also provide after hours and weekend services. Call and text 336.693.2714 to insure we get the message no matter the time. 

Dig 4 U